Hi. I’m Megh. With an H.

Two of my biggest passions in life are music and food. Music soothes my soul. Food, well, that’s obvious… food feeds my soul!

I love baking and have often thought about opening a cute little bakery in my hometown, Buffalo, New York. Recently, I’ve made some big life changes (that I’m so proud of) and so I’ve also delved into the world of actual cooking in order to live a healthy, clean lifestyle.

As for my love of music… well, right now I’m a great listener of music and am working on being a great (ok, maybe just decent) maker of music. I started taking violin lessons a few months ago and am loving every minute of it. I can plunk out a few tunes on the piano and am trying to teach myself more all the time. And singing, well it is always in my heart.

Oh and I’m also a lover of the color orange, Bruce Springsteen, deep purple irises (the flower), tattoos, glaciers, the seasons, hiking and being lost in nature, adventuring, lazy Sundays, my cat Atticus (he had a beard) and my fab family.


Atticus. He’s such a little buddy.

thanks for visiting me! <3

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